About Us


DNX Construction & General

DNX Construction & General Trading is a newly incorporated Company, which
has been formed to foster the SMME objectives, inter-alia


  • Create job opportunities for people in which it operates
  • Contribute in development by creating wealth and improve the well-being of the community by offering quality products
  • Impose the initiative of ploughing back resources to the community
  • Foster a vibrant economic atmosphere by being one of the leading organizations in the provision of excellent services.
  • Offer Opportunities To Previously Disadvantaged Individuals¬† to make a meaningful contribution and be empowered as such in the Economic Development process.


To render Professional Services in the Construction, Transport, Security Services,  cleaning, and general trading at competitive prices, hence promoting long-term relationships with all community members, being flexible enough to take cognizance of local conditions in order to make the best use of available resources.


Our short-term objective is to obtain more realizable contracts so as to maximize the optimum usage of our present resources. Our long-term plan is to learn and grow in the Construction Industry.